Beirut Stimulates Fun Activities For Family and Kids

As adults, we often see games and other recreational events as just a fun way to pass the time. When in fact, these plays an important role into the intellectual and physical development for you kids. It serves as a stepping stone to start exploring the world, learn and discover their capabilities and even develop about it.

The city of Beirut in Lebanon understands that many children have special needs in more than one area of development. Therefore, pursuing such events for kids is one their lists of priority. Here are the exciting Beirut events which are created to purely benefits family and kids across the city.

The Artistic Summer Camp

Bounce your Summer away with our Artistic Camp; a huge selection of activities for kids from 3 till 12. From artistic make up tutoring to costumes, decor & props making, acting to dancing & singing, theater breathing techniques and physical sports & event marketing workshop, we will rock your kids summer.

Escape Games Beirut – The new smart fun activity!

Escape Games Beirut is an interactive live brain teaser adventure; it is the new smart fun activity! You and your team (2 to 5 persons) are locked inside a REAL ROOM. You have to use your detective skills and deductive reasoning to unravel the mysteries, discover clues and solve puzzles so you can find the key to the door and get out before you run out of time!

Cardio Fit Class for Teens

Ages from 10 years till 17 years old. Children have a natural yearning for physical activities. However, in the teen years, young individuals who were used to move around continuously might lose interest in physical activity and focus on other stuff such as friends, studying, part-time jobs, etc.

Yet, as movement is a key contributor to health and happiness associated with a higher quality of life, improved health, better mood and enhanced brain growth and functioning, we should try hard to encourage them to participate in activities that will contribute to a lifetime of happy and healthy living. If we encourage them to include movement and exercising from the early stages of their development, we will be giving them a valuable gift that will endure throughout their lives. Teens need at least 60 minutes of activity every day!

There are three elements of Fitness in this activity. You can see the three elements of fitness just by watching a kid in the playground. Bending to draw on the ground with chalk (stretching), running after the ball (endurance), crossing the monkey bars (strength), etc…

Professional Sports Camp

Professional Sports camp for children ages 5-12 powered by professionals in Basketball, Football, Tennis, and Swimming. Professional coaches from Al Riyadi Basketball, ASA Football, Tennis Inc- The Professional Tennis School, and Pro Swim will be working with children to teach and improve their skills and fitness!

This camp is the first camp of its kind in Lebanon – so this will be fun while improving your kids sport skills.

We need to remember that it is important to encourage activities that are active. Kids need exercise. Through active fun events, kids develop large motor skills that they will benefit from the rest of their lives.